Career Information

Before you begin your job search, you need to know your career objective to focus your search. Ideally, you should be able to describe your career objective in specific terms (such as "Staff Accountant position in public accounting in the Nashville area..."), but minimally in general terms (i.e. knowing that you have an interest in a position in the accounting field, although not sure yet about public or corporate). If you are early in your career (or switching careers), it pays to take time to do your research about which careers are best aligned with your needs and aspirations. Later in your career, you need to understand the career paths and trajectories of each career to take you to the next step in your career progression.

Career testing - Read about the four different types of career tests that will assist you in your career assessment and selection.

Career exploration - Follow these simple steps to discover more information about each potential career.

How important is a degree from a name brand college - Is your major more important? Or the name of the college on the diploma? Find out the surprising answer.

Career listings - Detailed information on more than 400 different careers.