1apply Privacy Policy

1apply.com is owned and operated by CollegeGrad LLC. Our privacy policy is pretty simple. Your data is your data. We keep it secure for you and you own it, not us. It’s that simple. Only those who have your login and/or access to your device will have access to the data, unless you choose to transmit your data. And we only transmit your data upon your request.

When you submit your information to an employer through our site, your information becomes subject to the privacy policy of that specific employer. Your data becomes their data once you have submitted it to them and is subject to their privacy policies. We no longer have control over it at that point.

If you are using a desktop or laptop that is not solely for your own use and personally secure, you should login each time you visit our site. This will keep your private information private.

If you are using your mobile device to access our site, it is important for you to secure physical access to your mobile device and/or password protect access to your device. Your mobile device can provide access to your data here at 1apply, so make sure you secure your device and/or access to its contents. Only you can secure your mobile device, we cannot do it for you.

To contact us about privacy matters, send an email to prippa1­@yksacavlley.com

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