1apply Copyright and Trademark Policy

We have basically three types of content here at 1apply: 1) your stuff (the information you enter at our site, which is yours and you own the copyright); 2) their stuff (job postings which are copyrighted by the respective employer and posted at 1apply with permission); and 3) our stuff (our job search content, which is original and unique to our site and we own the copyright).

We fully respect the copyright you have to your stuff that you enter at our site. It's yours, you own it.

If you are interested in copying any of the information in the job postings (their stuff), please contact the respective employer to request permission.

If you want to copy any of the job search content at our site (our stuff), please don't. It is our unique content and it has been developed exclusively for our site. We provide it for free to our users, so do not abuse this by attempting to copy it to a different site in any way, shape or form. If you use our content on a different site, you are stealing. We will find you and, frankly, it won't be fun for anyone (including us) when we do find that you have stolen our content.

You are, however, more than welcome to link directly to the site in whatever way you deem most appropriate. You have our permission to directly link to the content at our site. Thanks for the link!

The one exception to the above copyright policy is the use of the content by educational institutions, government agencies and not-for-profits. If you are an education (.edu), government (.gov) or not-for-profit (.org--ONLY if you are not-for-profit, not just owning a .org domain) entity, you are granted a license to use and publish our content if (and only if) you both: 1) provide attribution to 1apply.com at the beginning AND end of the use of the content in the following format: "Copyrighted content used by permission of 1apply.com. All rights reserved." (including being listed at the beginning and end of each Web page if divided into multiple pages); and 2) provide an active link to our site from the content in both references to 1apply.com if the content is stored electronically or on the Web. Our content is not to be sold and can only be used by .edu, .gov and .org entities in a non-monetary way as described on this page. Any other use is prohibited.

In addition to our copyrights, 1apply LLC also owns several trademarks, which are registered and exclusively for our use. These include "1apply" "Apply Once. Done." and "Universal Job Application"--these trademarks cannot be used independently without referencing our website (www.1apply.com), our products (such as our mobile apps) and/or attribution of ownership to 1apply LLC.

If you are at all unsure about use of content at our site, please contact us. Please also let us know if you become aware of any wrongful use of our content. Thanks.