Photographic Process Worker and Processing Machine Operator Careers

Nature of the Work

Photographic processing machine operators use various machines to create prints from film or digital photographs. Most digital processing is done automatically by computer software. Photographic process workers perform more delicate tasks, such as retouching photographic negatives, prints, and images to emphasize or correct specific features.

Education and Training

Most skills needed for these jobs can be learned on-the-job in a few months.

Job Outlook

Employment change. Employment is expected to decline rapidly. Self-service machines, home printers, and online ordering services will be able to meet most of the demand for digital prints, but there still will be some demand for professionals to operate the machines, and to develop and print photos from people who continue to use film cameras. Using digital cameras and technology, consumers who have a personal computer are able to edit and to retouch pictures on their computers.

Job prospects. Job opportunities will be best for individuals with experience using computers and digital technology.