Resume Contact Section

The contact section of your resume is the easiest section of your resume to complete, yet it's also extremely important that care is taken in putting it together correctly. It needs to be highly accurate, since this your vital connection link to employers.

There are essentially four components to your contact section, all centered at the top of your resume (the only exception being the split college address listed below):

Name: your first and last name


two lines, street address (and apartment number, if applicable) on one line, city, state/province zip on the second line

Phone number: ideally a mobile number where you can be easily reached

E-mail address: list your e-mail address without "E-mail:" in front of it (the e-mail address by itself is sufficient)

Keep the font typeface consistently the same throughout your resume. However, you can increase the font size up to 4 points for your name at the top of the resume (and bold it). While photos are acceptable in some parts of the world, they are a solid no in the U.S.